Will we be doing any Groupon discount promotions?

The short andswer is NO! The longer answer is this: When we first opened we signed up to a Groupon deal to publicize our business, however, we soon found out that Groupon deals for the public were great, but not so much for the merchant as Groupon takes a big percentage of the already reduced price, this was giving us a return of around $6 per person which is not enough to be able to run our business and pay for staff/rent/utilities and marketing. So we actively refuse to go with Groupon or any other company that takes such a large cut of a very small pie. Any companies that our keep offering Groupon's on a perpetual basis now do so because they are desperate to get customers through their doors, in a last ditch attempt before they go under, unless of course they can find alternative ways to do so. 

I have an expired Groupon can I still use it?

Yes, All Groupons have expired by August 2015, but they are still usable for the value that you paid minus the Sales Tax that Groupon does not collect from you at the time of purchase. Therefore to use it just book as normal using our online booking system and enter your Groupon code (8 Alpha Characters) in to the Promo Code box and if the code is valid/unused it will credit your purchase by either $84 less $6.93 Sales Tax for the 6 Person Groupon or $56 less $4.62 Sales tax for the 4 Person Groupon.


How do I book an escape experience?

Please book your escape experience online at: https://escapeexpert.com/bookings.


I have a Physical Disability can I still play ?

Now that we have relocated the answer is Yes, however, that will still depend on the severity of the disability, most disabled people that use wheelchairs can play as we have disabled parking spaces with ramp access, wide doorways and we are in a building that is all on the ground floor and has no stairs or steps to navigate. If in doubt please email us or call us prior to booking your tickets.


How much is it?

The cost is per person per escape attempt, which is $28 plus Sales Tax = $30.31 per room that they want to play.


When should I arrive?

You must arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment. Since Escape Expert's booking and scheduling system is automated and schedules the Games/Experiences at set times. Please note that we are unable to let you in to the room if you arrive later than the start time for your Game/Experience, therefore if you run late you will lose your time slot and there are no refunds or rescheduling options for being late.


Are we really locked inside the room?

Legally, in Texas we can’t lock you in a room. Instead we have to use a virtual lock to keep you “locked” in until you finish your objectives.


I’m not a nerd. Can I still play?

All the solutions to the puzzles are within the room. You do not need any existing knowledge of gaming, or a degree in criminology in order to play. Just an inquisitive mind and a perceptive eye and pay good attention to details.


Where are you located?

2201 K Avenue, Suite A-200, Plano, TX 75074. This is a commercial single story office building, If you use Google Maps to direct you, type in "Escape Expert Dallas" and it will guide you to our large car park and exact building location.


Is this something scary?

Most of our 9 escape rooms are not scary at all and we do not have any live actors in the rooms to scare you, however, escape experiences are designed to be challenging and fun and our Dead End escape room allows people who like the horror genre to be excited as well, making it a fun yet scary escape room experience.


How many people can play?

For Corporate/Church/Private and Educational groups we can handle group sizes of up to 90 people in one session, however you will be split into teams upon arrival. For our public games each room has a different number of allowable players between 6 to 12, but upon request we can have 2 teams compete in 2 identical 12 person rooms. The Minimum amount of players in a room is 2 but minimum to book is 1.


Is there an age limit?

Yes 10 Years or Older, Children under 10 are not allowed to play due to the level of knowledge required to complete an experience and also we have to think of our other guests that may have been booked in to the same room. However if you book the entire room then we will allow children from the age of 6 and up to come in to the room with you. Anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult whom will take financial responsibility for any breakages etc.


Will other people be in the room with us?

Maybe? This will depend on the number of people in your group. If the total available slots are 12 and there are only 8 of you, then 4 slots will be “available” to be booked online, these slots may not necessarily be filled, but there is a possibility that others may buy those tickets, so if you wish to have the room to yourself then purchase all the tickets for that room to avoid disappointment.


Can I have the room just for my group?

Yes, if you wish to have the room for your group only during one of our regularly-scheduled game times, you must reserve all available tickets for a given time slot.

We can also hold a private event just for your group on days and times when no public events are scheduled. E-mail us with the date and time you're interested in and we'll contact you with details.


Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?

Yes, unlike most escape rooms we specialize in hosting large parties and corporate groups of up to 90 in one hour. To book your large group just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details: 1 - Number of Participants?, 2- Preferred Date of the Event?, 3 - Preferred Time of Arrival?, 4 - One or Two Games per person?, 5 - Do you require the use of our conference area? 5a - If so for how many hours. Once we receive this we will email you back a custom quotation along with pricing, options & availability.


What do we need to bring?

Just yourself along with a picture ID.


How long will the experience last?

This will depend on your group’s skill level, the maximum time will be 60 minutes in the escape room and the minimum is up to you.  Plan to spend 20 minutes prior to each game preparing and briefing and 10 minutes after each game to take photos. Please note that sometimes we can get backed up due to circumstances out of our control, so please plan accoringly and make sure you have time between finishing and your next reservation elsewhere. Corporate and large groups should allow 2 hours at our location to allow for teams to be setup and for the extra time required putting several groups into the individual rooms and for restroom breaks prior to starting each game.


Can I cancel a reservation?

Normal non private games are treated like concert tickets, sold on a first come first served basis and are non refundable, you can transfer the ticket to another person at no charge. However if this is a private game room booking/Corporate Team Building event then as long as you give 7 days or more notice we can cancel the booking without fee, however after this period has passed a 25% fee will be charged up to 3 days prior to the event, after this period no refunds will be permitted as we have to schedule our staff 1 week in advance. To make changes to reservations please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. include your name and the date and time of the game you made the reservation for and what time and date you would like to change it to.