Dead End (Level of difficulty: Less than 10% Escape)

"Can you stop Dr Moriarty?" 

8 Person Escape Room (2 People Minimum) 

You are a very nosey neighbor, you live across the road from the house of Dr Moriarty, where you see people enter the house but rarely see them leave. You decide to investigate and proceed to check out the house by looking through the back window. This goes against your better judgement of just calling the police. Suddenly, you feel a blow to the back of your head and when you wake up you are locked inside the house, along with Dr Moriaty's human experiments. You hear a ticking coming from the next room, that is when you find out that he has set a bomb to go off to tidy up all his loose ends including you... Can you stop the bomb from going off, report him to the authorities and save the evidence or will your remains be entombed in the debris of the building forever?