Attic Society Chapter 2 (Level of difficulty: 35% Escape)



"Chapter 2 - The Founders"

 Recommended for 6 – 12 team members

 "The Founders"  (Minimum 4 Players) 


The Attic Society Chapter 2 - After your successful Initiation in Chapter 1 of the Attic Society. you now go on to show your prowess to the rest of the elderby finding out more about how the Attic Society was founded. The higher up you go within the society, the more you find out about the Attic Society, of course, you will then have more power once you possess the Chapter 2 code. Doors will open and Chapter 3 will beckon, how high will you go within the Attic Society? Your grandfather was at the highest attainable level which is "50" a "Grand Master". Will you ever reach this far in your lifetime? As each chapter get harder and harder to overcome.