Escape Expert LLC was formed in October 2014 by the 2 founding partners (Andrew & Traci McJannett-Smith). Each of the two partners have a very different but complementary skill-set, which has ultimately enabled Escape Expert LLC to achieve great success by becoming the "#1 Fun Things to do in Dallas" when we were located at our old Floyd Circle address and that was achieved according to within 6 weeks of us opening. After spending 5 months of downtime relocating to a new bigger and better premises at 2201 K Ave, Plano we had to start all over, but already within 2 weeks of being open, we have now climbed up to become "#2 Fun Things to do in Plano" which is an amazing achievement.


Escape Expert LLC has been offering outstanding customer service, along with well designed escape rooms and thus achieving 265 5 star customer reviews on at our old location, which had propelled us to #7 overall out of 179 "Things to do in Dallas" overtaking the Dallas Zoo, Dallas World Aquarium, American Airlines Center and the Perot Museum. Here is a link to our old location reviews.


The business was formed because the founding partners all share a love of puzzles, crafts, electronics, IT and gadgets. Using both their creativity and cohesion, the founders were able to create several rooms that contain very interesting and enjoyable cryptic puzzles to solve with varying degrees of difficulty. This blend in design makes each room as compelling as the last one.


We initially started off with 5 escape rooms, which made Escape Expert LLC the largest Escape Room business in Texas. Which is in keeping with true Texas ideology. However after our relocation Escape Expert invested over $200'000 and grew even BIGGER by expanding to a far larger building adding more escape rooms in the process 9 in total to become THE LARGEST ESCAPE ROOM IN AMERICA, we now have far better corporate facilities which includes 2 meeting/conference rooms complete with Video, PC, Audio, PA, WiFi and 150Mb/150Mb Fast Internet Access, with the larger of the 2 rooms able to host 102 people in a 1300 SqFt area with an additional 200 SqFt area for Drinks and Food, these rooms can also be used for birthday parties, wedding and engagement parties and for rent afterwards to watch your game on the big HD 1080 12Ft x 8 Ft Screen.


We were the first Escape Room in Texas to have 2 identical 12 person rooms for large groups to compete against each other of for our corporate customers who want to have the group split down the middle but to play the same game. we have a further identical room set being created to give us 2 different identical rooms so we can have up to 48 at the same time, or if we use all our rooms we can have up to 88 play at the same time.


Escape Expert promotes a safe and fun team-building environment for groups from 2 to 88 people, although we can increase our capacity up to 100 in one go.


We also host more corporate team-building events than any other US based Escape Room as Dallas is the HQ for most large companies being centrally based. Escape Expert LLC offers the most modern and up to date facilities available. All rooms are monitored by HD CCTV and we offer Corporate CCTV footage from the team-building events at a small additional charge for future study and evaluation by the corporation.


So if you are looking for a fun place to spend up to 60 minutes of your time with other like-minded people, then this is the place for you. Escape Expert has enough rooms to keep you entertained, and every 6-12 months the rooms will be refreshed to have different themes, puzzles and equipment.  This insures that you will never run out fun and you can keep trying to beat your escape times.

Escape Expert had its initial Grand Opening to the public on January 24th 2015 (Saturday).

Escape Expert had its Re-Location Grand Opening in Plano to the public on May 21st 2016 (Saturday). 

Best Regards,

Escape Expert LLC